Dalvík is a small charming village by Eyjafjörður bay on the northern coast of Iceland.  It is historic in many ways, for instance for the earthquake in 1934 when many of the houses were destroyed.     It is a peaceful and friendly village that is worth visiting.

There are many nice and fun things you can do in Dalvík.  First on our list is the Hvoll museum where you can learn about Dalvík´s history and enjoy an exhibition of many old items.   There is also a section about Iceland´s tallest man (Jóhann risi) that every kid enjoys!

From Hvoll byggðasafn museum

The surrounding area

Dalvík is close to many lovely sites that are worth visiting.   The island Hrísey is only a few minutes away by boat and if you looking for a real adventure, the ferry Sæfari leaves from Dalvík harbor to Grímsey island, a gem on the Arctic Circle.

If you don´t want to leave the mainland, you can easily drive to many lovely sites in the area.   The Beer baths might not be suitable for youngsters but might be fun for teenagers to visit.     The swimming pool in Dalvík is a nice place to visit where the parents can relax in the hot tubs while the younger ones enjoy the water slide.

Siglufjörður, Ólafsfjörður and Akureyri are not very far away where you can find nice pools, harbors, playgrounds and children friendly cafés.

The church is very iconic for Dalvík

Winter time

Here you will find one of the best skiing slopes in Iceland.   Dalvík is very popular among locals in winter as it isn´t only a good place to go skiing but it also very friendly, calm and a great place to hunt for the northern lights.  It is a true winter paradise!

A paradise in the north

What else

The second weekend in August is a very busy time in Dalvík as guests from all over come to participate in the Great Fish Day.   The festivities are unique as locals invite guests into their homes for free fish soup on Friday and on Saturday the program continues throughout the day and into the night by the harbor with fish, concerts and fireworks.