The Domestic Zoo and Family Park is located in Laugardalur, Reykjavík.   It is a lovely place to visit with children of all ages.

It is divided into two parts. When you enter the park, you enter the Domestic Zoo. There you find all the Icelandic animals and can see then up close. These include the Icelandic horse and during summers, they offer kids a short horse back ride. Foxes, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, crabs, seals and many other animals are to be found in the zoo. When you´ve walked through the zoo, you cross an bridge and then you have entered the Family Park. During summer you will find it buzzing with life with all sorts of entertainment but during winter it´s a bit calmer. Nevertheless it´s a fun place to visit with a big pirate ship, slides and much more. Laugardalur is nicely located just outside the city center and accessible by bus, bike and car. It´s a great choice for a family morning/afternoon in Reykjavík.

In the zoo you will find Icelandic domestic animals like horses, cows, pigs, chickens and goats.  You will also find other animals living in and around Iceland like seals, foxes and minks.   During specific time of the day you can see the animals being fed and during summer you can get a chance to ride an Icelandic horse.

You will also find a hut where you can see budgies, lizards and other tropical animals.
During summer you will find the place filled with buzz and fun.   In winter there is less activity going on but nevertheless you can go and have a good time.   As the park is surrounded with trees you often find it less windy than other places when the winter wind is teasing you in other parts of town.