The Golden Circle is a classical route to take when visiting Iceland.  You can do it all in one day, you can also take your time and stay over night out in the country.

The Golden Circle has three classical stops but you can always add more sites and stops to your route.

The classical three stops on the Golden Circle route are Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hot spring area.

Thingvellir National Park is a lovely historic park where you can walk and enjoy the amazing views and landscapes.  It is for instance where two can walk on two continents at the same time (Eurasian and American plates) and find the famous Silfra.

Gullfoss waterfall is famous for its beauty. You can walk along the waterfall to the enjoy the view even more but please note that the path is slippery and children should never walk there alone.

The Geysir hot spring area is unique.   The hot spring Stokkur erupts regularly and it is a fun experience to walk along the paths with steam all around you.   The water is extremely hot and again, kids should never be running around freely in the area.

There are various sites on the Golden Circle route that are worth visiting.

The Secret Lagoon.   It is a nice geothermal lagoon where you can relax and enjoy the nature.  Please note that it is not recommended that young children and/or pregnant women go into the lagoon due to the heat.

Crater lake.   Kerið is a phenomenal and adventurous place to visit for kids of all ages.

Slakki zoo.  It is open during summer.  It is located at Laugarás and always fun for kids to visit and pet the animals.

Efstidalur has an Icecream barn that all ice cream lovers must visit.

Horse back riding.  Various horse rentals are in the area where you can go for a ride on the famous Icelandic horse.