Ægisíða is one of many lovely streets in Reykjavík.  What makes it unique is the amazing ocean view and a long path that can lead you to many lovely places. You can either walk and enjoy the ocean view or ride a bike on the bike path.   A lovely site in Reykjavík to enjoy the great outdoors all year round.
When you follow the path along the seaside there is no need to be in a rush.   You can make many stops on the way to enjoy the surrounding.  Old fishermen huts, unique sculptures and playgrounds just to name a few.  Find time to throw stones in the ocean and you can even spot a seal or two in the sea.   You can reach the geothermal beach, pass the airport and watch the planes take off and land, and even go up to Perlan (The Pearl) in Öskjuhlíð.    It´s nice to sit down on one of many benches and enjoy the view.  You will also find hammocks by the seaside where you can relax and enjoy the view and nature.   And this is just to give you a few ideas.

You can enjoy this area all year round.  In summer it is filled with life – people biking, looking for shells by the shore, running, kids playing and it´s very popular to late night walks by Ægisíða.

In winter it is also a popular place to visit for the locals.  You will see people biking, running, ski walking and playing in the snow.  Occasionally you can spot a seal in the ocean.