The geothermal beach – Ylströndin – in Nauthólsvík is always fun to visit.   Even though the service hours are only during summer and limited during winter, you can always visit the beach when you like.

Nauthólsvík beach is a great outdoor area for families with children.  In summer you find a hot tub by the seashore where kids can play and enjoy themselves.   The sand doesn´t get warm so it´s fun to play in.   In front of the service house you will find a hot tub that is open through out the year (opening hours, see )

Cold water swimming is getting more and more popular among locals so if you dare you can take a dip.  Not recommended for children though, at least not in winter!

Siglunes sailing club offers sailing courses for kids during summer.

Very close to the beach you will find Nauthóll, a lovely café that is open all year round.    Öskjuhlíð is also very close by where you find for instance the famous building Perlan (The Pearl),